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Minty Basil

Oasis Organic

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A unique concoction of Philippine Minty Basil, Indian Mint and raw cane sugar, all of which are organically sourced. These ingredients are fermented, without any addition of water or yeast, without heat and go through a traditional process of natural osmosis for at least 6 months. The final product is the result of patient extraction from this all-natural source.

Philippine Minty Basil from Philippine is a herb traditionally used by the local tribes in Philippine to treat coughs and asthma. The Indian Mint, from Malaysia, is used to treat rashes and kill germs.

The Minty Basil Syrup helps to dissolve mucus and eliminate bacteria to bring relief to coughs, regardless whether its a wet or dry cough.

The syrup will also help soothe the throat and reduces hoarseness after consumption of barbecued or grilled food. 

Minty Basil Syrup is a mixture of naturally occurring enzymes without the addition of antibiotics, preservatives, food stabilisers, artificial sweeteners or food colouring and thus will not increase the burden on our liver and kidneys.

Suitable for all ages and genders, except infants of 2 years and below, diabetics and those allergic to herbs. 

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