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About Us

Oasis Organic was founded on the belief and conviction that sustainable farming and ethical production methods to produce Safe, Wholesome Food and Eco-Friendly Products are vital links to the holistic approach that is necessary to improve and sustain not only one’s wellness but also that of Mother Earth's. 

Oasis Organic was started in 2007 by two like-minded friends who were motivated to explore and better understand how to attain and maintain wellness given the rapid and extensive proliferation of illnesses. 

We strongly believe and are passionate about raising the awareness of the power of sensible diet choices and proper management of mind and soul as effective preventive measures against illnesses.

We are often asked by skeptics "Why bother to go organic when you cannot do it totally".  

We have a simple take on that.  

Everybody has a threshold for the amount of toxins one can process within a given period of time.  The idea is to keep our toxin quota intact by minimising the amount of toxins we put into our body, allowing it sufficient time and resources to detoxify and heal before the next batch of toxins are consumed.  So when we are able to eat food and use products that will not increase our body's toxin load, the body is better able to perform and remain healthy.

Guided by this simple principle, we see ourselves as the QC department for our customers. Sourcing for quality products and performing due diligence checks are part of our SOP.  We believe that safe food and product choices are an essential part of holistic living and good health. 

Careful, responsible selection of our product range means customers are assured peace of mind when they make a purchase at Oasis Organic. 

If good quality, safe food and products be considered the heart of Oasis Organic, sincere, genuine service is the soul of her existence.  Anyone who walks into the shop is welcomed with a warm acknowledgement to make them feel comfortable and valued. 

We find great joy and satisfaction when customers endorse our products because of the improvements our products have brought to their lives and that of families' and friends'.  It's tremendously motivating and bring our passion and conviction to a new high. We are blessed to be able to share and exchange notes with our customers, many of whom have become our good friends. 

Principled to conduct our business with honesty and integrity, driven and focused are salient attributes that has nurtured Oasis Organic to what it is today.  May the very same potent attributes empower us to help people get and stay healthy.

We look forward to serving and exchanging notes with you soon. 

See you.