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Dr Ros Multi Drop

Dr Ros

  • $1790 SGD


Made with Purified Water and Mix Fruit Enzymes for use on the Eye, Ear, Nose and Mouth.

Eye Care
Drop 1-2 drops into each eye.

May assist in the relief of glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, presbyopia, myopia, conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), orbital inflammation and floaters.

The Multi-Drop helps to reduce inflammation, soothes pain, and may discharge mucus from the eyes. 
Your eyes may feel astringent or turn red if they are tired.

Ear Care
Drop 2-3 drops into both ears.
May be helpful for  tinnitus and vertigo.

Nose Care
Drop 2-3 drops into both nostrils.
May assist to decrease nasal sensitivity, ease obstruction and aid discharge mucus.

Mouth Care
Drop a drop into your mouth 
May assist in ulcer healing.

General Use
1 -2 drops on the affected area.
Anti-inflammatory action may assist in acne healing and reduce itch from mosquito and insect bites.

Food Grade Ingredients
100% Natural Formulation
No Preservatives
Chemical Additive Free

Product of Malaysia.

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