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Soup Pack ~ Cha Ye Dan

Oasis Organic

  • $690


2 sachets per pack.  

Ingredients : tea, yu gui, chuan xiong, dang gui, yu zhu, black pepper.

成份 : 茶叶,玉桂,川芎,当归, 玉竹, 黑胡椒

Use 15 hard boiled eggs per sachet. Remove egg shell partially for better absorption of the herbs and flavour.

Add the eggs, spice pack, light & dark sauce (2 tbsp per spice pack), sugar and salt to taste into boiling water. Reduce to medium heat after 10 mins and cook for 2 hours. Simmer over low heat for another hour or two. Maintain water level to be slighlty above the eggs while cooking.

No Preservatives 
Unsulphured Herbs
No Artificial Colours 
No Artificial Flavouring

Product of Malaysia

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