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Dried Mushroom ~ Tea Tree Mushroom

Oasis Organic

  • $850


Organic Tea Tree mushroom which are grown without the use of hormones, pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Not treated with bleaching agents.

Tea Tree mushrooms, also known as Willow mushrooms is known to be so wonderful that some people call it the God of Mushrooms.   

It contains 17 of the 22 standard amino acids required for our body, including the 8 essential amino acids. It also contains plenty of minerals and anti-cancer properties that most mushrooms are known for. 

It's regarded as a neutral food (not extremely "heaty" or 'cooling") in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is used to nourish the Qi (energy) of the body, boost immunity, and slow down the aging process.

Excellent in soup and steamed dishes.

Certified organic by IMO Switzerland.

Product of Mongolia.

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