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Mai Dong

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Do you always feel dry in the throat when you wake up at night ?  If so, this is symptomatic of a yin deficiency.

Mai Dong is used by TCM to nourish the ying, lubricate the lungs and moisten the intestines.

Put 10-20 pieces of the rinsed mai dong in hot water and steep for about an hour or so before drinking.  The cooling intensity of the Mai Dong is reduced if it's prepared using the above method instead of boiling it, making it suitable to drink on a more regular basis to nourish the ying.

Mai Dong is often boiled with rhinoceros horn shavings (ling yang, 羚羊) to help with bringing down a fever and dissipate the body heat. 

No Preservatives
No Artificial Colours

Product of China.

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